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 Urethral Inserts  

Lube Syringe (no-needle)

Price $3.99 


The Hallows Cum Thru Barbell Silicone Penis Plug

Price: $19.95  Sale price $15.95


Stainless Steel Penis Cum-Through plug with GLANS ring

Price $21.95 

Dble Function 8" Clear Flexible Urethral Probe

Price $24.95 


Triple Ring 8mm Stainless Steel Insert

Price $27.95 


8 Inch Hollow Stretching Penis Plug with Curve

Price $33.95 

Estim Cock & Ball Strap with a 6mm Urethral Insert

Price $34.95 


Insertable Electrode with 1/8" Stainless Steel Tip

What Connection Do You Want?

Price $38.00 


Masterpiece-Bi-Polar Corona Stimulator and Insert

Price $49.95