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 Cock and Balls  

Lube Syringe (no-needle)

Price $3.99 


Glans Cover and Urethral Insert Holder

What Size Do You Want?

Price $5.95 


1" Round TENS Pads - Four Per Package

Do You Want a Second Package?

Price $6.95 

JELLY BEAN cock-ring Atomic Jock

Choose Your Color:

Price $7.95 


Stacker by OxBalls

Price $8.50 


Electro Penis Pads

Price $8.99 

NEW - Shaft E-Buddy

What Length of Strip Do You Want?
Need a Piece of Conductive Tube?

Price $9.95 


Parallel Bi-Polar Conductive Silicone Electrode

Choose Your Tubing Size:

Price $11.00 


Choker (conductive silicone loop) with cord lock

Price $11.95 

Silicone Gentle Ball Tugger

Price $11.95 


Unit- X Stretch Sports-Sling by ATOMIC JOCK

What Color Do You Want?

Price $15.95 


Strangler (Large Conductive Loop)

Price $16.95 

New Item - Multi Electro-Clamp Single-Pole Electrode

Single or a Pair of Clamps?
Want Tube for a TENS Connection?

Price $18.95 



Choose a Color

Price $18.95 


Nipple/Cock 3/4" Round Metal Magnetic Electrodes Set of Two

Price $18.95 

2" Diameter Conductive Cock/Base Ring with Snap Connections

Price $21.95 


Morph - Ball Stretcher

Price $27.75 


Bi-Polar Power Cage Silicone E-Stim Cock and Ball Sheath

Price $29.95 

The Possessor Electro Sac

Price $34.95 


Electro-Masturbator for Men and Women

Price $38.95 


Masterpiece-Bi-Polar Corona Stimulator and Insert

Price $49.95 


Price $68.95 


NEW - Jack Socket from Electrastim

Price $118.95