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Choker (conductive silicone loop) with cord lock
Now enjoy our Single-Pole Choker with a Double-Hole Cord Lock to keep it nice and snug.  The original Choker's were held together with an O-Ring and if water based lube was used and happened to get on the conductive rubber and the O-Ring, caused slipping and loosened the snug fit.  We have remedied this problem by adding a double cord lock, which when fitted in place, will hold the 6x2mm conductive tubing firmly. 
Check out how well these work in this video. :)  Just click on the link===>> http://xhamster.com/movies/1579444/amazing_estim_orgasm.html

You can still buy the original Choker's with O-Rings if you feel that the O-Ring will work for you.  The are still sellings at the low price of 2 for $22.00 in our Conductive Rubber Section and the Cock and Ball Section of the E-Store.


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Item #Choker

Price $11.95