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Dble Function 8" Clear Flexible Urethral Probe
Dble Function 8" Clear Flexible Urethral Probe
If you are looking for a unique insert that not only allows for deep penetration, but also has a cum-through function as well.  By simply unscrewing the ball from the end of the insert, you will be able to relieve any back-pressure and liquids.  Although the picture below describes and shows the clear flexible shaft diameter to be 6mm (1/4") the tip end of stainless steel insert and upper stainless steel shaft is actually 7.5mm.  This is the result of pressing the tubing onto the ribbed sections of the upper shaft and tip that resulted in an expanding diameter.
Although it is a two-function insert by definition, one can easily turn this device into an electrode by simply using an alligator clip to electrify the upper shaft for even greater stimulation.  Because the urethral canal will be wet, current should flow down to the stainless steel tip by default, but may not be as intense as our hot-tipped inserts.
Two gland rings are included with the insert; a 1" and the second is approx. 1.25"
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UrethralToys/EightInchTwoFunction-3.jpg Shown with tip removed
UrethralToys/EightInchTwoFunction-5.jpg Shown with tip screwed in upper shaft

Item #8InchFlexSound

Price $24.95