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Strangler (Large Conductive Loop)
Looking for an Affordable way to get things charged up?  What a better way than with one of our STRANGLER's.  Simple, and Effective !!! 

You can't go wrong using a 12" section of our Highly Conductive Silicone formed into a loop.  The center of the 1/4" x 1/8" (6 mm x 2 mm) conductive tubing fits a TENS Pin nicely.  Our adaptors make it quick and simple to connect these loops to your power unit.  At $13.95 each, The Strangler is a very affordable and effective electrode to add to your collection.

Click on the image shown for a larger view. (Adaptor not included)


To order adaptors for your Strangler, click on the picture below.

Item #100-Strangler 

Regular price $16.95  

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Item #Strangler

Price $16.95