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The Hallows Cum Thru Barbell Silicone Penis Plug

Great for beginners or long-time urethral players.  Because this plug is made of silicone it is flexible, which allows this short barbell style plug to bend with the penis, flacid or erect.  :)  With the hollow through hole, it allows you to pee or have an orgasm without worrying about backpressure, always a good thing.  

NOTE: This is not a conductive silicone and cannot be electrified.

UrethralToys/CumThruBarbell-1.jpg  The tapered shaft, after insertion, will keep this insert in its place.  Just pop it in and go on with whatever you were doing, but now with a smile.  Have to pee, no problem.  Whip it out and go.  The through-hole eliminates messing with trying to remove it and re-insert.  


UrethralToys/CumThruBarbell-4.jpg   1-1/4" possible insertion depth, 3/8" at the widest point.  Shaft after the taper is 1/4" in diameter.


Silicone is:


  • Non-Porus
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to sterilize
  • Flexible
  • Impact Resistant
  • A Great Long-Term Value 




Item #Hallows

Price: $19.95  Sale price $15.95