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Stacker by OxBalls

Every Stacker is one inch in height with a 7/8" hole, but are soft and stretchy enough to fit the smallest or some of the largest nut sacks out there.  Start out using one or two and add an inch of stretch as needed.  Not only will you balls hang like a bull, but after you are able to add several, your nuts will be as colorful as a the light tree at the drag-strip.  

OxBalls/Stacker-5.jpg    OxBalls/dragracetree.gif

The cog-shape design gives you a good firm stretch…One of the OxBall's models wanted to put more on as he loved the feel of his sack stretched over 4 inches.  Pleasure or a little Pain, I guess he loved it.

At OXBALLS, they envy low hanging ball-sacks that swing as a guy swaggers naked through a locker-room…and dig sweaty hairy ball-sacks hanging under a thick uncut dick..They also love shaved greasy nut-sacks you can grab in your fist while sucking rock-hard dicks.  


We currently have 5 colors that will definitely add some color to your ball stretching past-time. Clear, Police Blue, Ice Blue Clear, Piss Clear (Yellow), Orange, Black, Zinc and Red.

Use the Drop-Down box below to order the color you want.


OxBalls/Stacker-4.jpg   OxBalls/Stacker-2.jpg

Product Information: 

Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Tech-TPR, the stretchiest material we can get our hands on…approved material for toys, non-toxic

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes…wash well after use.

Cleaning:  detergent and warm water

Stats (inches/cm): 

Total Height:  1 inch/23mm

Total Circumference:  7.5”/16.5cm

Inside Hole circumference:     3”/7.6cm

Inside hole Diameter:  15/16 inch/24mm

Weight:  1.4 oz/.04 kg

  • Item #: CBT-221
  • Manufacturer: OXBALLS usa

Item #Stacker

Price $8.50