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Parallel Bi-Polar Conductive Silicone Electrode
No, it's not a small piece of fence from scenery on a model train layout, but I guess it could be used for that, but this has much better uses.  It is our new Parallel Conductive Rubber Bi-Polar Electrode!! 

Don't know why we didn't think about this when we were adding the double cord locks, bi-polar Choker's and Strangler's to our product line.  This parallel bi-polar electrode feels just a little bit different than the bi-polar loops because the conductive rubber is just a bit farther apart at the two ends than the small space between the insulator of the bi-polar loops.  Made from 2 pieces of conductive Tubing, each 4 inches long. 

webassets/100_2126.jpg  webassets/100_2123.jpg
6x2mm Parallel Bi-Polar            4x2mm Parallel Bi-Polar

       Around the Head                          Head and Balls                Head and Shaft

The beauty of this electrode, as with all of our 4x2mm and 6x2mm tubing, is that a TENS pin makes the lead connection a breeze, just stick each lead pin into each end of the rubber tube.  You now have a bi-polar electrode.  If you want a single pole electrode, simply use one of our Y-adapters (Joiners) and connect both conductive tubes to one lead wire.  Of course when using the Y-Adapter, the other lead wire must be connected to a separate electrode to complete the circuit.

If you are handy at making things, you could build your own Parallel Bi-Polar Electrodes with conductive rubber tube and a few of our 2-hole spring loaded cord locks.  See our Conductive Rubber Section for these parts if this appeals to you. 

This electrode comes in two sizes; 4x2mm or 6x2mm tube ($16.95).  Be sure to indicate which size tubing you prefer in the Drop-Down box below when ordering.  4x2mm is the default.

Note: Be careful when sliding the cord lock into place and keep skin from getting caught between the cord lock and conductive tubing.  It will cause an unpleasant pinch.  Yell   

Item #ParaBiPolar

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Price $11.00