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Electro-Masturbator for Men and Women
Electro-Masturbator for Men and Women
The Electro Masturbator can bring elecro-play to a whole new level! It was specifically designed for stimulation to your most sensitive parts. Men and women alike will enjoy this small, but unique pin-point e-stim experience.  Pass the Electro Masturbator lightly over your foreskin, frenulum, and glans and experience a new dimension of electro-stimulation. Masturbator is flexible, so that you can lay it perfectly on your glans.

Ladies, you are not left out!!  You can excite the clitoris or other areas as you wish with this electro "wonder stick".  The trick: The head of the Electrode can be spread to the exact width you want.  Ladies can apply the exact pressure and sandwich the clitoris perfectly for maximum excitement.  The silicone rubber caps are conductive.

NOTE: Lead wires are not included with this electrode.  To connect it properly, you will need to use the small pin type TENS pin leads that are small enough in diameter to fit into the top of the handle side-by-side.  For a better idea of the connection, click on the picture at the upper right side of the screen.  It will expand it so you can see how the small pins fit. 

Some ways you can use this electrode:


You can also use this electro toy as a single pole electrode by using a Y-Adaptor and one wire of your lead. 

Item #ElectroMast

Price $38.95