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ET 232 Power Box With lead & free Choker & Strangler
Purchase the ET-232 and get a free Choker and a Strangler (with CordLocks) and a free 3.5mm audio lead wire with TENS pins to use your conductive loops right out of the box.  Plus FREE SHIPPING within the USA via USPS Priority Mail.  Once shipped, it is usually two Day Delivery to Most States.  Due to ever increasing shipping costs, there is a $20.00 shipping fee for shipping outside the USA.  Please indicate destination in the Drop-Down box below.



Information about the ET-232.

With all these legendary ErosTek features:

  • Audio processing with built-in microphone and audio input jack
  • 2 independent output channels
  • Exclusive MultiAdjust (MA) control provides simple adjustment of mode speed and feel via a single knob
  • 15 different modes accessed by turning a knob
  • Special High Frequency (HiFreq) mode for low-level erotic stimulation
  • Includes AC adapter and 9 volt battery
  • Small size (3.3" x 4.4" x 1.5") makes it easy to use and travel with
  • Lead wires have Banana Pin connections 
The ET-232 has more power than a TENS unit and slightly lower maximum output than the 312. Its routines are designed for erotic purposes, and it's easy access to modes, levels, and speed (MA) makes it super-easy to operate, even for novices.

The 232 is similar in many ways to the 302R remote product, but designed for easier use and for those who don't need remote control. It has a similar power output, audio processing, and power source (9-volt). It works perfectly as a solo e-stim device where easy access to modes and levels preferred and complements the ET-312 with its smaller size and newly designed factory routines. Many die-hard ET-312 users also have an ET-232, for the added variety and to make it easier to travel with e-stim.

The ET-312 adds many more features such as TriPhase, advanced stereo audio processing, wave processing, LCD display, user defined slow ramp, much longer battery life, a rechargeable battery, and higher power output. This comes at a higher cost, in a larger and heavier case, with an additional learning curve required to get the most out of it.

The ET-232 can accept audio through its line input jack, however, processing is limited to one-channel (mono) only. This is augmented by the internal microphone which allow the 232 to react to ambient noises, to produce stimulation in time with music or other sounds nearby. Our ET-312 is the only unit we sell that has full-stereo audio processing.

Overall the ET232 is a smaller version of the ET312.... more portable, but still with many of the features of the 312.... and at an affordable price.

Please Note:  Although you will receive a free 3.5mm to TENS pin lead wire with this unit for TENS socket type connections, you might want to add a few adapters to convert the banana pins to TENS pins.  The lead two lead wires that come standard with the ET232 have Banana Pins for connections to electrodes.  If you are ordering electrodes, such as TENS pads or other items using a TENS socket connection, you will need to order Banana to TENS pin adapters.  If you are planning to connect to any PES electrodes that use male Snap connections, you can either purchase a 3.5mm lead wire with Snap connectors or an adapter wire for this purpose.

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