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Welcome to What is Estim.


If you got this far, it is probably not by accident and your curiosity got the best of you.  We certainly cannot blame you for that.  It is only natural that when someone sees or reads about a new and different way to sexually stimulate the genitals, one has to be curious.  This is mostly a beginner site and is meant to be light hearted and not terribly technical.  However, in order to present the right and wrong ways of going about erotic electro-stimulation, it will be necessary for a little technical basics in order to understand what is happening and why. 

 Electrician-1.jpg  This guy definitely did not read and follow directions!!

Many folks who have heard about erotic electro-stimulation are a little confused by exactly what it means and what it does.  Let us begin by telling you what it is not.  It is NOT plugging a few wires into a wall outlet and to the genitals to receive electro-stimulation.  It is NOT like touching an electric fence either.   TouchingElectricFence.jpg


.If you have ever done that, you know from first hand experience that it will stop a farm animal and any human who dares touch the wire.   A power supply feeds the pulsating unit sitting in the barn or other building.  Thousands of volts and low amps are cranked out and pulses out and along a thin wire.  When touched (you are then grounded), it gives you an immediate hair raising shock as it was intended to do..  Not good and certainly does nothing for you sexually.  The same is true touching the wires inside a 110 volt wire wall outlet.  Doing this can be fatal since there are many amps in the current.  So, this is what estim is not.  whatthehelljusthappened.gif


Now let's talk about what it is.  Estim (short for electro-stimulation) has been around for many years, but has only been introduced to the masses over the past 10 years or so.  Prior to that, it was considered to be some sort of BDSM practice that caused folks who wanted it, pain and it certainly did that.  Don't get us wrong, it can be painful if you want it to be, but for the most part, it is pleasantly stimulating and once the electrodes are in place and the power box connected, all you really need to do is adjust the power levels and fine tune the sensations and sit or lay back and let the current and the machine do the rest.  Electrical stimulation is simply another form of sexual excitement.  Let's say it is in addition to and not necessarily instead of other ways of sexual stimulation.  Many use vibrators, dildos and other adult toys to enhance their sexual sensations and estim is just another form of it, although quite unique. 

In the past, most people thought that using erotic electro-stimulation meant that you were plugging yourself into an electrical wall socket and lit up like a Christmas tree when the power was turned on. CockAndBalls/tree09.gif  This is absolutely not true and anyway, doing so would definitely not be pleasurable and would most likely result in death, not to mention burnt and fried private parts of the body. A sexual electro-stimulation device uses very low voltage and low milliamperes as their output.  Many years ago and even to some extent today, some folks still build their own power boxes using a battery and parts they can purchase from many electronics stores.  However, with todays technology, there are several companies who manufacture their own safe sensual electro stimulation units. These units have been specifically made for this purpose and are quite safe for use in erotic stimulation.  The names of the major players who make these units are ErosTek, EStim Systems, Folsom, PES and Electrastim. Most of these made-for-play units have built-in routines that are specifically geared toward erotic stimulation.  Some of the more expensive units also have the ability to connect to audio input from a computer, MP3 player, laptop, IPad, IPhone and even have external microphones that take any noise and turn it into electrical impulses and send them to electrodes placed on the lower anatomy. Very interesting results when this is done and for heavens sake, do not let anyone clash symbols together in the room!!  CockAndBalls/OMGGuy.jpg   Audio routines are amazing and can be played in mono and stereo modes, depending on how they were composed.   They also put out some unbelievably erotic sensations for those who want to take estim to that level.  There are literally hunderds of erotic audio routines on the Internet that can be downloaded for free.  The folks who make these are very good at what they do.
So Let's Get Started:

The most common and widely used erotic power box for beginners is an ordinary low cost TENS unit.  You may have heard of these or even have used one for muscle and joint pain.  Another type of unit is called an EMS unit (EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulator).  Many athletes and weight lifters use EMS units to tone, stimulate, condition and loosen muscles.  Of course someone, or for that matter many people, wondered how these impulses would feel connected to the genitals and commenced to give it a try.  To their delight, the sensations the TENS and EMS units generated, felt wonderful and in many cases, caused mind-blowing orgasms.  Well that basically started the erotic electro-stimulation movement.  As more and more people heard about it, through word of mouth and within the last 10 years, on the Internet, folks began buying various power boxes and electrodes to see what it felt like and if it really did work.   For most of those who gave it a try, to their surprise, it felt wonderful and they kept on doing it.  Since most TENS and EMS units only have three to five built-in routines (not erotic routines by definition) and the same signals came out of both channels, the urge for even more erotic sensations compelled many to go to the next level and purchase one of the more expensive made-for-play power units.   These are available on the market. by most larger adult toy companies in a separate estim section.  Although electro-stimulation as a means of erotic genital stimulation is not for everyone, probably ninety percent of the folks who give it a try, usually enjoy the sensations it produces.  It is very difficult to put into words, exact feelings and sensations, but we can say it in a couple of words, it is mind blowing.  

Power boxes can operate on batteries only or some have a/c adapters that can be plugged into a wall outlet to provide constant power and save on the need to frequently buy batteries.  The voltage is very low and the amperage is in the milliamperes and will not hurt you at all.  One bit of advice here is that if you have a heart condition, a pacemaker, or have other serious medical conditions, you should NOT engage in playing around with estim.  Additionally, women who are pregnant should not engage in electro stimulation.  Last, but not least, you should only play with electrodes below the waist.  Although you can connect a bi-polar type electrode on the nipples, as an additional form of erotic play, you should never run the risk of current running through or across the chest cavity.  Your heart operates on a very small electrical current provided by your body and any interruption in the rythym could cause some very serious problems and even be fatal.  Although we have never heard that this has happened, it is not worth chancing it.  One can have plenty of fun below the belt.

The power box:

Shown below is a picture of a typical TENS unit with  labels added telling you what each one of the knobs and dials control is for.  Most units have two channels, an A channel and a B channel.  Each lead wire coming from a channel has two connection pins at the end of it, one is positive and one is negative.  It takes two electrodes, such as two TENS pads to complete the circuit.  In the picture below, the lead wires are not shown plugged into the unit. They plug into the small holes on top to the left and right of the power level knobs.


  PowerBoxes/TENS3000.jpg  Here is what a typical set of lead wires look like  ====>>  WiringAndAdapters/LeadWires.jpg




Types of erotic electro-stimulation:

There are basically three types of electro-stimulation that one can use.  Each can be used separately, or combined, using one, two or all three, depending on the wiring configuration and adapters you have for setting it up.


Type I. Skin surface stimulation and electrodes.


This form of estim uses basic topical electrodes, such as TENS pad, conductive loops or even forming silver solder, aluminum foil or just about anything that is conductive that can be used to move current from a lead wire to a conductive surface.  Let's assume that you are using a TENS unit. The current must flow between two places  (points) on the body. The two items that are placed on the body where current is exchanged are called electrodes. 


Dry skin will have a fairly high resistance to current (you want low resistance)Most electrodes do not work well on dry skin except maybe TENS pads.  The effect on dry skin will usually be rather sharp and painful. It's best to wet the skin first when using conductive silicone material. Water based lube is generally the best way to moisten skin or use under electrodes, but never on the underside of TENS pads.  In a pinch, you might try olive oil or some other type of conductive lubricant as the better the contact, the more deeply the current will usually be felt (which is generally much more pleasurable!!).

Another important thing to remember is that the current is generally spreads out over the surface area of the electrode. Small electrodes tend to concentrate the current making the feeling much more intense. Larger ones usually distribute the current over more skin area making it feel smoother and more pleasant. If one of the electrodes is larger than the other, sometimes most or all of the sensation will be felt in the area where the smaller electrode is placed. Electrodes can be wired together (daisy chained is the old terminology) to distribute the current and/or help balance out and offset a larger one. As an example, if a large steel ring or conductive electrical tubing is used around the base of a male's genitals, two rings or tubes connected together on the shaft of the penis might form the other electrode. This configuration will most likely result in the current being felt at all three locations instead of mostly just in a the area of a single, smaller, electrode on the shaft.


Type II.   Anal and Vaginal plugs and probes.


 Another very erotic way to induce electro-stimulation is to use a plug or probe that is electrified and insert it into the anal canal for prostate stimulation in males and general erotic sensations in females, or into the vagina for the ladies.  Anal play might sound a bit squeamish to most folks, butt (pun intended) after giving it a try, you may find out that is, in fact, a wonder way to stimulate other erogenous zones.  You will find that these plugs and probes not only come in many shapes and sizes, but are configured with one, two, three and four electrodes mounted into them.  The estim community terms for these are single-pole, bi-polar, triple-pole and quad-pole electrodes.  Electrodes are mounted to or are embedded into plastic or acrylic material with small wires feeding them from the inside, with those wires then coming out of the base with connectors on them.  These connectors can be TENS sockets (2mm diameter), Banana sockets (4mm diameter) or in the case of all PES electrodes, a male steel snap head on them.  Your lead wires, will of course, connect to each of these wire connectors.  Typically, having more than one electrode on a plug or probe will cause more intense pumping an pulsing action once the power unit settings are adjusted properly.  For men, this will excite and cause the prostate to be stimulated and ultimately will either voluntarily or involuntarily end up in a discharge out through the urethral canal and even produce orgasms. :)  In females, the pulsating stimulation simulated having sex and should at some point, end with eye-rolling orgasms, if the settings on the power box is made properly.  Orgasms are not guaranteed using estim, but probably 90% or so of the folks who learn how to do it, will experience them.


Type III.  Urethral Electro-stimulation.


Although this type of estim is not for the timid and is probably the least practiced, it can be quite a sexual experience when used with anal and/or skin electrodes. It is quite a sensation to say the least.  Yes, even females have done this with great results.  One must be absolutely careful and make sure that anything that is inserted into the urethral canal is sterile and clean.  Using surgical lubrication is also a must to insure that you do not get an infection.  Getting one will cause you a lot of pain and expense if you have to visit the doctor for treatment.  One does not have to necessarily use a long stainless steel or conductive silicone tube to experience urethral excitement.  There are several electrodes on the market and in the store on this web site, that use a shallow insert rather than long ones. There are some that are bi-polar, but most are single-pole inserts. These are generally one to two inches in length, so it takes a lot of the infection fear and risk out of trying it.  Additionally, when done playing, one should urinate, since urine will clean out the urethral canal and rid the inside of any germs and bacteria.  The natural salts in urine is a good internal cleansing agent.  




We have tried to explain in some detail, how estim works and the three types of electro-stimulation that is available to users in this section.  It should be noted that you can use any one of the three types of estim by itself or in combination with the others.  Properly wired, one can use all three types at once for the ultimate erotic estim effect.  While output from a simple power box, such as a TENS unit comes out of both channels the same, except for the power levels you control, the more advanced, made-for-play units have the ability to process audio signals.  These signals unsually in stereo coming from from music and pre-programmed estim routines run through your computer, laptop, Ipad or MP3 player out to the attached electrodes.  They also use both independent channels to alternate these signals from one to the other, this causing some very erotic sensations.  We will not get into the complexity of cross-wiring or Tri-Phase connections here, but a new world awaits the estimmer who advances from the ordinary power box to the more advanced units. 


So, now that you know enough to make a decision to give it a try, you can navigate to other parts of the web site or go to the E-Store to order a power box and other fine electrodes.  :)